Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BMW ActiveHybrid X6, 7

Precise elegance and superior sportiness: the ActiveHybrid 7.

sportiness BMW Hybrid 7

sportiness BMW Hybrid 7

A Sports Activity Coupe with Dynamic Performance Control: The BMW ActiveHybrid X6. Both equipped with the perfect hybrid technology for their design, and additional BMW EfficientDynamics measures.

Electric motor as generator

In future, you`ll be able to take your fot off the gas with a smile.

BMW Hybrid 7 Electric motor

BMW Hybrid 7 Electric motor

Because the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 electric motor acts as a fully fledged generator when coasting and braking.


In the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, the internal combustion engine and the electrical assembly work together at all times.

Drive BMW Hybrid 7

Drive BMW Hybrid 7

Depending on the power output and need, each supports the other. Which means this dynamic drive concept brings together the best features from two words.

Hybrid X6 Interior

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 creates a unique blend of style and sportiness.

BMW ActiveHybrid X6

ActiveHybrid X6

The finest materials used with the greatest of craftsmanship create an atmosphere in which you can enjoy impressive dynamics with all yor senses. Including door sill finishers with “ActiveHybrid” lettering and exclusive Nappa leather upholstery in ivory white with blue double-stitch finish.

Hybrid X6 Exterior

Its elegance will fascinate you.

BMW Hybrid X6 Exterior

BMW Hybrid X6 Exterior

Its agility will excite you. Its presence will form a deep impression: the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 brings together the athletic charisma of a coupe with the superiority of an SAV. The exclusive “Bluewater metallic” paintwork and classification ensure that the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is clearly recognizable.

Two-mode active transmission

Although scarcely larger than a conventional automatic gearbox, the innovative two-mode active transmission houses two high-performance electric motors.

BMW Hybrid X6 active transmission

active transmission BMW Hybrid X6

Mode 1 is designed to provide traction when starting the engine and at low speeds. The electric motor single-handedly and confidently plays out its advantages – linear power development and high torque from the first rev. To increase power, the BMW TwinPower Turbo is also engaged. At high speeds, the internal combustion engine does most of the work. The electric motors provide support only in mode 2, where each supplies the other with energy. With its Boost function and Brake Energy Regeneration system, the two-mode active transmission is the key to increased efficiency and even greater driving pleasure – at any speed.

Hybrid Start Stop function

Zero fuel consumption: the Hybrid Start Stop function switches off the internal combustion engine when the car stops at a red light, for example.

BMW Hybrid X6 Stop function

BMW Hybrid X6 Stop function

The high-performance battery then guarantees important functions such as the air conditioning. When the light turns green, you can accelerate away at once.
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