Saturday, April 4, 2009

High-performance batteries

The nickel-metal hydride battery in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is a well-proven construction. The battery is cooled as necessary via a heat exchanger and liquid cooling to prolong its service life, enhance its available performance and expand the range of operation.

BMW X6 High-performance

ActiveHybrid X6, 7 performance

The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is one of the first hybrid vehicles with a lithium-ion battery. These energy stores have only recently been able to withstand the tough demands set by cars, and are now impressing with their low degree of self-discharge and high energy density.

The Hybrid management system

The hear, the brains, the control centre: everything words together in the hybrid management system.

BMW 7 hybrid system

BMW 7 hybrid system

It knows when power can be regained or is needed. And how it needs to be distributed between the traditional and the high-voltage network. The sophisticated software decides the gear and motor control and engages the Hybrid Start Stop function as well as the Brake Energy Regeneration system to perfection. At the same time, the hybrid management system protects the battery against overload.

But most importantly, the electronics transfer between different driving conditions so seamlessly that the driver doesn’t even feel the change: the joy of driving.

BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 motor

A car that stands apart and brings together true greatness. Two turbochargers charge the V8 engine to 330 kW.

BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 motor

TwinPower Turbo V8 motor

The electric motor ensures the car is always in the optimal load range while the High Precision Injection system guarantees the perfect mix of fuel and air. Because almost all the accessories are disconnected from the petrol engine, up to 780 Nm system output is available.

The electric motors

Engine or generator. Up to 62 kW (84 PS), yp to 260 Nm from start. Only one moving part and efficiency exceeding 80 per cent. Only the high-voltage cables reveal that electric motors are concealed in the gearbox housing.

BMW 7 hybrid efficiency

electric motor BMW 7, X6

But you`ll certainly feed their impact in powerful acceleration and when driving using the electric motor. At every moment, in every BMW ActiveHybrid.

Recognize efficiency

A BMW ActiveHybrid: this makes the lettering clear. The instruments show how it`s working.

BMW Recognize efficiency

efficiency BMW 7, X6

The battery charge status and deployment of the electric motor are displayed below the rev counter. The iDrive display documents energy flows and energy efficiency over the previous fifteen minutes in detail.

Saving and regaining

The interaction of electric motors, petrol engines, gearbox and high-performance batteries delivers the particularly efficient dynamics of a BMW ActiveHybrid.

BMW Saving and regaining

Hybrid Start Stop function

Thanks to the Hybrid Start Stop function, there is absolutely no superfluous crankshaft rotation from the V8 petrol engine. The sophisticated hybrid management system ensures that energy from braking is stored temporarily and converted back into movement.
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