Saturday, June 6, 2009

High-performance battery

Intelligent saving, intelligent storage: the electric hear of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is a high-performance battery that uses the latest in nickel-metal hydride technology, and has a capacity of 2.4 kWh.

BMW Hybrid X6 performance

BMW Hybrid X6 performance

An ingenious cooling system selects the right cooling strategy for every climate and driving situation, ensuring the greatest efficiency with reliable storage and energy supply as fast as lighting. The integrated control unit constantly calculates current charge and the available power – the stored driving pleasure, which can be called upon for purely electric driving, or to actively support the BMW TwinPower Turbo.

Electric driving

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 drives on electricity: up to 2.5 km at a speed of 60 km/h, with short-tem peaks of up to 65 km/h also possible.

BMW Hybrid X6 driving

driving new BMW Hybrid X6

The hybrid management system manages the interplay between the internal combustion engine and the electric motors, ensuring your drive is virtually silent and, most importantly, completely emission-free – without compromising performance. The joy of driving doesn’t get better than this.

The motors

Electric motors make the high-efficiency drivetrain with BMW TwinPower Turbo and high-precision injection even more economical – and more powerful.

BMW 7 TwinPower Turbo

high-efficiency BMW 7 TwinPower Turbo

The internal combustion engine is better equipped to make the most of its optimal load range. When starting the engine or accelerating, the combination of petrol and electricity guarantees breathtaking thrust.

Boost function

The Boost function feveals even greater drive power for sudden acceleration.

BMW TwinPower system

BMW TwinPower system

Demand thrust by depressing the gas pedal, and the electric motors increase the power of the BMW TwinPower Turbo – using energy regained previously via the Brake Energy Regeneration system.

ActiveHybrid advertising concept

You won`t even notice most of the new BMW ActiveHybrid technologies we`ve used when you drive your BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

X6 ActiveHybrid

ActiveHybrid technologies

All the solutions and systems operate in the background, so you can savour the full joy of driving. And for those who want to understand it exactly, the hybrid aggregates` activity has been subtly integrated into the advertising and operating concept.

Brake Energy Regeneration

Each time the brakes are applied, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 converts kinetic energy into electric energy.

BMW X6 Brake Energy Regeneration

ActiveHybrid X6 Brake Energy Regeneration

The electric motors act as generators, slowing down the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 – even under heavy deceleration – and then storing the energy generated in a high-performance battery.
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